Sunday, September 21, 2008


So, we all know what this is. It is a picture of snakes. Yes, lots of snakes. Hint plural word with -s at the end. Let me tell you why this post and a little history. I am not very fond of snakes. I am more scared of frogs though. I can handle snakes as long as I can see them. I will kill them in a second. Might be illegal, but oh well!
Anyways, this afternoon, Kevin was out playing golf with the guys. I was picking up outside just minding my own business. Well we have a 4-wheeler parked by our house. I was over there cleaning up and picked up a towel. On the ground was what I though was like fifty-million snakes!!!! They were RIGHT THERE!!! YUCK!! I stood there and remained calm. As, they began to scurry away, I noticed there were only 4!! YES, ONLY 4!! They then crawled through the lattice, and into a vent. Guess were the vent went??
You guessed it! UNDER my house!!! Now, there are four snakes under my house!! Two of them were little, but two were like 3ft+ long! I immediately called Kevin. I was freaking out!! What if they get in my house? I feel icky all over now!! Needless to say, tomorrow I am calling Terminex and seeing what they can do. We are also putting poison of some sort. I have to have them out!! So...pray for me tonight as I "try" to sleep with the thought of snakes under my house!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bring on Fall!!

Yesterday, I got in the attic and got the fall stuff down. I was sooooo excited!! I get excited when it gets this time of year. We go fall and then right into Christmas! The weather is wonderful here. I love it as well.

This time of year also bring many fun activities. We have weddings, football, family time and more football. I seriously can't think of one person that does not love this time of year. The leaves turn colors and fall off. It just all makes for pretty scenery and pretty pictures!

Anyways, I am very up in odds about this election. I wanted John Edwards from the beginning, but now...that is out. I have never been either Democratic or Republican. I just vote for whose ideas I fill lead. I am a very firm advocate in voting!! PLEASE do it!! You have the right. Anyways, I am just torn. They both have some good points. I like Palin a lot, however, I don't care to much for McCain. I feel we need someone younger in office to help us younger folks out. I also, like some of the ideas Obama has to say. Yes, I said like. I love the zero to five plan they have going on. It starts children receiving educational help at the earliest possible.

I am struggling. Hopefully the debate coming up at "OLE MISS" will help me out. In the mean time....I am off to continue thinking about this.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Well, here we go.

It has been awhile since my last post. I am just used to reading blogs and not typing one. I am going to try to make a better habit of it.

In my last post I was discussing something that were ticking me off. Well alot has happened since my last post. I had some female issues and had surgery on July 7th. I had lots of polyups removed from several places. After surgery, I was told that they were what has caused me not to be able to get pregnant. I guess this explains my problem. So, this month is my first normal cycle. Hopefully after all of this I can have a baby. A good summer baby would be wonderful.

The weather here is yucky! It is raining and just blah! I am so ready for Fall. College football has already started. This makes me excited!!! I love this time of year and it is almost here!!! Yay!! Come on fall!!