Monday, January 19, 2009

Tis it a boy or a girl?

So, on my last OB visit the Dr. scheduled an ultrasound this time to determine the sex. I am only 16 weeks and 3 days, but he said we should def. be able to tell. so, needless to say I got VERY excited and anxious.

The day arrived today. I get to the Dr and he looks at the paperwork and says " Your to early to have this done." UGH!!! Shot me down quick. So, he listens to the heartbeat, which is hard to find. He tells me that he thinks the baby is breech. Finally he finds the heartbeat up high. he also tells me my uterus has grown quite bit. Seriously??!

Anywho, since he scheduled the ultrasound he let me do it. The tech said if she could tell she would. the ultrasound lasted for like almost 10 minutes. The little booger is breech. They said it should turn, and I am hoping it does. We saw it moving and jumping everywhere. The arms, legs, and all facial features were there. But....the little one was sitting on its butt and had its legs crossed. Showing the goods??? Out of the question! We could not get it to move at all. The baby would move one leg and then the other, but not both. So....we shall wait! Here are two pics to enjoy!