Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A few of my stuff

We took Karoline to church when she was 2 months old. She did so well. It felt so good to have my baby at church. I want her to grow up in church and know it must start young. Aren't these two pictures adorable?!!!

The below picture is of her stretching on her changing table. Look home long!!!

Karoline is growing up!! It is so sweet but so bitter sweet! The pics to the left and below are Karoline in her big girl clothes I call them. She looks like a little doll to me. She is really starting to coo and make all sorts of funny noises. She also loves being on her belly, can follow sound, eats every 3-4 hours about 4-5 ounces at a time. She still is not a fan of socks. She is still on her medicine and thinks it is yummy!!! Karoline is amazed with her daddy. She smiles at him every time she sees him.

This is Karoline on the way to my moms. I said lets go to Nana's and she started talking to me!!! PRICELESS!!

This is Bug after her bath. She is the silliest at this time. I look forward to this everynight.

I promise I intend...

I do intend to update more often then I do. I swear things are just soooo busy! Since last time so much has happened.

Karoline went for her 2 month check up with Dr. Scott. She was 6lbs and 12 oz. She is growing!!!! She had also grown to 20 inches!! She had been having some trouble with spitting up. Dr. Scott put her on Prevacid and Mylanta. She had to come back within a week in hopes of gaining more weight. The following week she gained 5 ounces and was up to 7lbs 1 oz. We even tried a new formula, neutrimigen. That stuff is horrible. Before she screamed when she ate because it burned so badly. now she screamed because this stuff taste awful. So...back to Gentelease.

Since I am behind, this will be a July/August Post.

Jennifer and I were pregnant at the same time. Kase was born, I think for sure, 12 days after Karoline. These pictures are of Karoline and Kase shortly after he came home from the hospital. Aren't these the cutest babies ever? He is so much bigger than Karoline. She must put some meat on those bones. Kylee is looking at us like....NO MORE BABIES!! I wanna be the only one.

The 2 cousins lounging around! They will love this later.

Above is my grandaddy holding Karoline. My grandaddy is one of the most precious people there is. I am truly blessed to have such great grandparents. I am so glad Karoline and grandaddy got to meet. He is the one who made her crib for her. I know she will love her grandparents as much as I do.

Me with Grandaddy and Karoline

Karoline LOVES bath time!!! She has yet to scream and throw a fit. It is so funny!!

Below is Karoline with her favorite toy right now....PACI!!!

The others are a few of Karoline. Mama put this cute little headband on her. The other is of mama and Karoline. I truly am blessed for my mom and mother in law to be able to keep her!! I thank God for this!!