Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do you see what I see??

I am sure you do!! My pregnancy ticker says I have only 66 days left until July 3rd!!! WOW!!!

For many people they tell me that it seems like this pregnancy has flown by, but that is not so much the case for me. Since the day in October I found out I was expecting, everything has crawled at the slowest slug type pace. However, I have truly enjoyed all of it. I have had my share of complications being pregnant, but would not change it for the world. Initially, we dealt with making sure my meds for my heart are ok. Then we dealt with me having a blood clot or DVT. This has been a doozy for me. Due to the clot I give myself 2 shots a day and wear TED hose. Yep, not very fun at all but definitely worth it in the end.

As I am now in the last lap of this 40 weeks race, I feel almost every emotion possible. I am so ready to meet her, hold her, love her, kiss her, etc. However, I am scared of what is to come, scared of how good of a mother I will be, scared of not making the right choices. I am also sad because for almost 31 weeks now, she has been inside me. I know she is technically mine and Kevin's baby girl, but she has lived in me! I have felt her every move and I have come to love her so much it is indescribable. I am sad in a way that I am going to have to share her with other people. I know it sounds silly, but it is what it is.

During this pregnancy I have learned alot about myself and being pregnant.
1.) I have learned that I can tolerate more than I though I could.
2.) I have learned that I do not miss cold sandwich meat.
3.) I have learned that I do miss being able to see my toes when I stand up.
4.) I have learned that Tylenol is more like a Tic Tac than medicine.
5.) I have learned that I do not have the crazy cravings and hope not to.
6.) I have learned that not everyone is the same during pregnancy.
7.) I have learned that it is a weird and crazy feeling when the baby moves inside of you,
but it is the best thus far!!
8.) I have learned that baby stuff is way expensive.
9.) I have learned that despite my moodiness and hatefulness, my husband is the best!!!!
10.) I have learned Karoline likes me to be on my side, or she kicks alot then.
11.) I have also learned at almost 31 weeks, I do not get up to pee at night! =)

Now I have vented somewhat, I will show you some pictures of my sweet Karoline's room!!