Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh Baby!!

Well the waiting is over and baby arrived. This pregnancy was ROUGH.  Since October 3, I have been off work in minimal activity. I was blacking out and had some other breathing issues.  I went in to labor and delivery once even for a kidney stone or kidney problem so they said. On Nov 12, I had a Dr's appointment. The previous Sunday was the absolute worse. I was miserable and so ready.  When I went in I was having some uncomfortable pain on my right side. Dr Wortham sent me to have ct scan and start induction. Ct showed fluid around my heart.

Cervidil inserted around 2 on Nov 12. By midnight it had fallen out and a second placed.  At 2 I was dilated to 4-5 and got my epidural.  She was born at 8:19 November 13. She weighed 6 lbs 2 oz and was 19.25 inches long.  Katherine was and ounce heavier than Karoline but a quarter on an inch shorter.  Labor was easy!!! Pushed 3 times and she was here. 

Karoline is head over hills for her.  I was so worried at how she would be or how I would be with 2. Everything has been good.   

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here we go again!!

We are blessed and excited to be expecting #2!  I am due November 29, which makes me 11 weeks today.  This pregnancy is so different. I was so sick for like 4-5 weeks.  Yuck!! I finally feel better.
We went to the Dr yesterday.   BB was 167 bpm. Dr Wortham said that was high. Possibly another girl??  If I had to guess, I would say boy. I have also gained 4lbs already!! With Karoline I only gained 13 throughout it all. He said im in trouble this time. Lol.

   Karoline is beyond excited! She says we are naming the baby Pookie.   She ask me about 20 times a day, "What's baby Pookie doing?" I love it!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where has my baby gone??

Karoline has turned into quite a little lady lately.   I am so excited yet so sad.  Where did my baby go????  At 2.5 yrs old, she is so grown.  Everything is because and why?  She has started to really be "motherly" to her babies.  She takes good care of them.  Last Friday, I enrolled her in nursery school.  It was so bitter sweet!  I know she will do ok, but it is such a big milestone.  Mama may need huge boxes of tissue come August for all the water works. 

Jaxon and Karoline feeding the cows...

Karoline and I on the carousel. 

Karoline and her babies and then one where she is reading to them!! Makes my heart melt.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Downloaded the blogger app in hopes of blogging more. I seriously slack!!  I just never have time on the computer.

Karoline is quite a mess. She is so grown and bossy. She is also quite independent yet so loving. She loves dress up clothes about as much as she loves me!! Last weekend, The Walkers and The Burnhams came over.  The girls played dress up and had a blast!! They have changed so much.  They are a handful now and I know even worse in years to come.