Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet Karoline

On September 15, my mamaw passed away. That whole week was chaotic. It took a toll on all of us. It is amazing how much a baby can help everything better. Karoline calmed us down and made us all smile during that tragic time. Below is Karoline looking at Uncle Hank. She is really focusing and cooing at everyone now. It is absolutely amazing how much she has changed in a few months. She is definitely Sweet Karoline!!!

Karoline also loves her daddy!!! When he comes in from football or wherever, she immediately begins laughing and smiling at him. I love that she does this. It is the most warming feeling to see this happen and to know how crazy she is about him.

Are You Ready????

College football has begun!!! Ole Miss opened their season against Memphis!! ha ha!! Well, Ole Miss should have beat them by much more, but we will take a win! Karoline was decked out in her Ole Miss attire.

2 months and shots!!

I am so eager to post current events, but feel I need to indulge in the past a bit. At Karoline's 2 month check up she weight in at a whopping 9lbs 4 Oz's. She was 22 1/4 inches long too!! My baby is growing!!! We were almost 10 lbs. This is the Dr appointment for shots. :( I was so nervous and sad. Kevin stayed home all day with her and I took off 1/2 day. She was in the best mood. Shots went ummmmmm OK. she did cry but we immediately fed her and had given her Tylenol before we got there. She slept some of the day, but never ran fever or go cranky. ---To the right is Karoline before we left to go to the Dr. she was all perky and happy!! Isn't she adorable???!!!!

Below is Karoline on the table awaiting the unknown..... :(

We also have Karoline on the scales weighing up to almost 10 lbs!!!

Then we have Sweet Karoline asleep in her pack n' play after the shots. She is soooo adorable!!