Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Staying busy....

I would like to say......I love being off for summer!!!! It is awesome and oh so addicting! Last Friday, we went swimming with Nicole and Kylee. They are so funny together. They love each other to pieces but sometimes fight like sisters. I can only invision what the future with these 2 will hold. Nicole, I hope we aren't in any trouble.

Ms. Diva in her butterfly sunglasses. She is so grown at times!!

Sweet Kylee-Kylee Tinkerbell as Karoline calls her at times.

Look at this girl!!! She is a MESS!!!!

Here is Evil She is NOT AFRAID of hardly anything. I can say she isn't fond of worms and real frogs. I, yes I, picked up a small, tiny frog and she didn't care to much for it.


Today, Tuesday, a family friend Sarah and came to mom's to visit. She has 2 sweet little girls named Aubree Grace and Sophia. Karoline LOVED Sophia as you can see. I think she wants mama to have another, but that isn't happening anytime soon! Sorry Bug!

Karoline and Aubree

Karoline was so stuck on feeding Sophia. Here she is giving her the bottle to her baby doll!!! What a sweet girl--most of the time!

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